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Business Management with Vocotext

Vocotext allows you to communicate with your customers directly via the app as well as send vouchers and promos right from the Vocotext Merchant Dashboard.
On top of that, receive sales reports and more from your team at work making managing your business, so much more easier.


Our Rewarding Features

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Create and send Surveys easily via the Vocotext app. Make better decisions based on the results and get custom reporting...MORE


Save money and costs with easy to redeem and high valued Vouchers for your targeted Users...MORE


Send Promotional Texts and Promotional Graphics to your Users to promote your latest service or products...MORE


Send out Reminders to your Users for events, appointments and other happenings like Private Sales. Keep track of all events and appointments through the calendar...MORE


Let your Users make Bookings through the Vocotext app for your services...MORE

Private Channel

Safely exchange private conversations, image and files with your Users. All disputes and issues can be settled through this private channel...MORE


We can brand our Vocotext app into YOUR business app easily. This way you can get an immediately powerful and running app with all features and functions already tested and proven...MORE

Item List

An important feature in the Vocotext app, is the addition of the Item List that allows every Merchant to promote their services and products to users easily...MORE


Get valuable data from all Vocotext transactions with your Users. Make informed decisions for your business...MORE

Geo-location Offers

Send coupons and latest deals to Users who are within the premise of your shop...MORE


Merchants who subscribe to the BMO module can let their clients enjoy reviewing the points they gain from POS purchases...MORE

Merchants List

A huge list of Merchants in Vocotext brings a huge list of Users to promote to...MORE

A sleek and easy to use app that will reward you just by participating with your favourite brands and merchants.

Download the app. Register yourself and you’re all set! Start subscribing to the merchants you frequent or are a fan of and you’ll already start earning points and vouchers.

You will have numerous opportunities to earn points by taking part in surveys, quizzes, opening messages and even just by filling up your profile. On top of that, you also get Pool Fund points from the app itself! Such fun!

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Get listed as a
Merchant now!

Click on the sign up button and login to the Merchant dashboard. There you can customize your interactions with your clients and get your profile all set for your clients to view.

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Let customers
view your shop easily!

List your shop products and services easily on your Merchant profile. This will allow customers to easily view all your shop offerings.

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View Reports
directly from your

A convenient way of reviewing your daily sales reports and many more reports directly from your mobile.

Start your journey as
a Vocotext merchant!

Just register as a merchant and you can begin using the app to communicate with your clients immediately.

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Get started with Vocotext and begin reaping in the benefits of this wonderful little app. Every interaction takes you a step closer to becoming a more informed and savvy shopper / consumer. It’s a wonderful platform with a steady stream of perks.

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The best place to get to know your audience / users better! Communicate directly with your users and understand what their needs are, how to serve them better and in turn, reward them for helping your brand become No.1. Best part is, you get the option of doing this with your VERY OWN BRAND APP!

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