Frequently Asked Questions

Vocotext accounts are based on your mobile number. Therefore you could have more than one account if you have more than one mobile number and each one has downloaded the app & registered. However you cannot consolidate all the points from the various accounts to pool together and make one large amount.
Currently all vouchers are from the merchants you subscribe to and NOT from Vocotext directly, therefore we have no say in the Terms & Conditions of the vouchers you receive. However, the Vocotext service is still only available in Malaysia & Singapore.
The Pool Fund will be used as a draw. You earn a point from Vocotext everytime you communicate with the Merchants you subscribe to. Vocotext will set a monthly / fortnightly / quarterly / yearly draw for all Vocotext Users to automatically be part of. Once the targetted amount or timeline arrives one lucky Vocotext User will win a prize for hitting the amount target for that month / fortnight / quarter / year.
You can redeem these points based on the Terms & Conditions of every Merchant. It is up to the Merchant to decide the value of each Vocotext point that is to be redeemed at their store / service.
You can send us a chat message via the Vocotext app and expect to get a response from us fairly quickly. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected].
At the moment, you cannot transfer your Vocotext points to another user.
When you unsubscribe from a Merchant, you will be automatically moved into the Block List for that particular Merchant. However, if this was done accidentally, then you can make your case with the Merchant to get back on their Subscribed list.
Yes the app updates are always Free of Charge.
Vocotext values your privacy. To learn how Vocotext may use your information, see Vocotext's Privacy Policy which can be found at