How to Become a Vocotext Merchant

B2C communication to Users can be in the form of:

Merchants can buy credits online via Paypal, Credit or Debit card.


Vocotext Merchants Check List

Merchants get:
1. A Merchant Dashboard account
2. 1x A3 Vocotext posters for the physical shop
3. 2x Vocotext product stickers

Merchant to submit to the Vocotext team:
1. Merchant logo
2. Brief description & address of Merchant’s business
3. List of Merchant items for profile page
        (description & images)
4. Any other Merchant details that will help

POS Market & POS Niaga Integration


Merchants can link their User’s POS membership to Vocotext if merchants are a or customer. Members can review their Membership Reward Points from purchases made via the POS system.

To find out more regarding these services, please contact: [email protected]

It’s easy to become a Vocotext Merchant. All you need to do is sign up with us. If you are online at please go directly to the top of the page & click Sign Up.


Once clicked, you will be taken to our the registration page. Fill in the registration form and click to submit. The moment you are in, you will be at the Vocotext Merchant Dashboard.


On the right hand side of the Dashboard, you will find the Get Started tab. Click on that tab and you will see an easy 3-step instruction to Get Started.


You can then start filling up your profile, products list and start using all other features on the site like Bookings, sending out Questionnaires or Forms and so much more.


Of course you will need to get some Vocotext credit to start sending out Vocotext messages to your users, inviting them to subscribe.